provides outsource services to Municipal and Fortune 100 companies in the areas of:

•  Systems and Management Consulting
•  Accounting
•  Operations

YMS has been in business for over twenty years and has completed many complex projects

Sample projects:

•  NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) Provide payment to daycare providers in the City of New York . Payments are expected to exceed $800,000,000 for three years. Monthly volume of checks produced is approximately 30,000.

•  Duties include, verifying eligibility of daycare providers, producing checks, producing direct deposit advices, generating positive pay file for the bank, performing bank reconciliation, providing control and management information reports.

•  This contract is under the auspices of New York City Department of Human Resources and Administration for Children Services.

•  NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) -

For the past 20 years YMS has managed the preparation and distribution of all payrolls as well as other than personnel expenses for up to 700 Community Based Organizations. Our responsibilities can best be described as the “Controller Department” of these organizations. YMS receives the grant revenue, pays all their bills, allocates expenses by grant (utilizing a sophisticated vendor payment system), pays up to 3,000 employees as well as the related payroll taxes and prepares and files the appropriate payroll tax returns. In addition to maintaining a budget control system, we maintain the entire books and records including the general ledgers of each organization and on a monthly basis generate a complete set of financial statements. In addition, YMS provides DYCD with detailed monthly expenditure reports. Annually we are audited by a major auditing firm and have enjoyed excellent audit ratings via the reports to management. The Community Based Organizations have been well served for over the past 20 years and the City has saved millions of dollars annually. In addition, YMS also performed internal auditing functions for DYCD.

•  NYC Summer Youth Employment Program - Since 2000, performed the payroll and accounting services for a program that employs youths for summer employment. The function of this contract includes data entry, payroll processing, check generation, management reporting and other fiscal related services. YMS processes and maintains accounts and adjustments for up to 100,000 applicants and has issued 40,000 payroll checks on a bi-weekly basis.

In 2003 YMS ran a Stored Value Card pilot, which paid 3,000 Summer Youth employees by debit card. This pilot was extremely successful from an operational standpoint. Security and theft issues were also eliminated. As an additional benefit, students participating in the pilot program had the opportunity to improve their financial literacy.

•  NYC, Nassau County , Onandaga County Office of Child Support Enforcement Department of Social Services – For the past eight years YMS has performed the Accounts Maintenance function. This function involves interpreting and entering court orders that pertain to the enforcement of support orders regarding child support payments. During this time period YMS has processed in excess of 1,000,000 child support orders, collections from the non-custodial parent have increased from $200 million to over $700 million per annum. With its specialists in training and quality assurance YMS has maintained a negligible error rate despite completing cases within a deadline of 48 hours. Our staff is fully training in Assets, the new New York State System and UCMS, the State's Unified Court System.

•  Payroll Plus – For private clients, YMS provides a payroll service which includes; calculation of pay, distribution of checks, making tax payments, and administering pre-tax benefit plans. Clients submit their hours by phone, fax, PC or over the Internet. YMS processes the payroll according to the clients schedule. YMS provides a Taxpay solution where we deposit the tax payment for the client and file their returns. YMS also offers a Direct Deposit option.

•  Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty - processed the payments for the Home Energy Payment (HEAP) program. This program provided funds to low-income individuals to help with their heat/electricity bills.

•  The After School Corporation - performed on-site visits to schools to review enrollment and attendance-taking procedures. These visits were part of a pre-audit process to ensure that TASC received accurate funding from City and State grants.

•  NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission – performed data entry tasks that correlated Taxi and Limousine accidents with accidents from other livery drivers.

•  NYC Small Business Service – For the past 8 years YMS has been the fiscal agent for the training program administered by the Small Business Services. In this capacity YMS makes electronic payment of 50 million dollars a year.