For the past 20 years Mr. Selig has functioned in the role as operations partner of YMS. Under his strong management, YMS has continued its role of providing for-profit and municipal clients with excellent service and cost-effective solutions. Prior to YMS, Mr. Selig had fifteen years experience in managing large operations. Mr. Selig's success as operations management partner can be best demonstrated by the fact that all contracts have been completed satisfactory and in a timely manner. YMS has never been assessed liquidated damages for lateness or lack of accuracy. Mr. Selig is the operation's partner in charge of all contracts and has final authority on all matters pertaining to these contracts. He is the primary contact regarding all major contractual issues.


For the past twenty years Mr. Marinan has distinguished himself in supplying a full range of accounting, auditing, tax and management consulting services to his clients. Mr. Marinan was a member of both the SEC Practice Section and the Private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In addition, Mr. Marinan served three terms as member of the AICPA Peer Review Committee.

In Mr. Marinan's role of accounting and internal controls partner of YMS, he designed the accounting system and installed a rigid internal control system. The accounting as well as internal control systems have generated unqualified opinions from independent audit firms, zero questioned costs, excellent management reports and no misappropriation of funds. Mr. Marinan is responsible for reviewing the quality of work performed by the accounting staff.


For the past 20 years Ms. Selig has functioned in the role of computer technologist for YMS. She has ensured that all clients are provided with state-of-the-art technical solutions. She is also responsible for ensuring that the proper back-up, recovery procedures, operational and security controls are implemented appropriately for each system. Ms. Selig is responsible for marketing and sales for YMS. She determines the clients requirements and generates the appropriate proposals.